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All projects are absolutely different !!!

   They are different in design, physical size, detail, and of course their electronic size

   A model ( SANIX3D ) can vary between 20 mb, up to 2 – 3 gb.

   The optimization operation is not at all simple … It is necessary to convert a 3gb model into a

   100 – 200 mb

   The size of 100 mb is average for a STL file for 3D Printing, here it depends on the PC you have it,     and the SLICER that you use it

   So some models are split into a few parts during design, and then optimized.

In SANIX3D models, quality is not lost after optimization, so some projects, at the end of the design, do not have a solid version

In the images below, you see 2 pictures, where the difference is shown

STL files for 3D Printing Store 3D Models
STL files for 3D Printing Store 3D Models