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Welcome to the “Extraterrestrial Universe: Alien vs. Predator – a captivating online destination dedicated to 3D printing enthusiasts and science fiction lovers ! .

Explore the fascination of the battle between the two iconic creatures from the cosmic space through the unique STL file we have for sale.

This project is a FAN ART .

The model is adapted for 3D printing.

STL files can only be downloaded from .

1:8 scale : Predator – has a height of 275 mm (without bases)

The project is cut into separate parts, such as the : head, bust, legs, hands, base, alien head, alien body, alien tail, the weapon in the right hand – solid and cut in 2 parts, and other smaller details.

The project includes 2 heads ( with a mask and without )

In total, the project contains 21 STL files

The model is presented in scale: 1:8 .
Also included are CHITUBOX files with support (for 1:8 scale) .

The project also includes STL files with (repaired) support for the Lychee slicer, 1:8 scale .

Start assembling the model from the ground up
1. Bases
2. The Alien tail
3. Alien Body
4. Metal
5. Alien Head
6. Predator
7. The rest …

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