BAT HERO vs IRON SUIT – 3D Printable Diorama

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Бренд: sanix3d

Marvel and DS are so different and so similar !!!!!

What unites two heroes ???

Both billionaires , incredibly smarts , both have created suits for the fight against evil !!!

And what would happen if they had to confront each other ????

Sanix3D’s new diorama its breaking borders !!!! Batman vs Iron Man !!!!!

The design was carried out with great attention to detail in order to convey the character and strength of each hero to the maximum !!!! Premium class STL files include all the necessary settings.

You only need to expand the horizons of your imagination and enjoy 3D printing !!!!! More images and 3D files only at

This project is a FAN ART

The model is designed:
For FDM Printers – scale 1: 6
For SLA / DLP Printers – scale 1:16


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