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Bad Dream (Halloween project)

This project for 3D Printing , was designed for Halloween or other mystical events
In the project, 2 versions are included:
1. Bust of Iron Man
2. Skull in flames (Ghost Rider)
In the images, you can see how the file is cut and how many parts it has.
This model was tested with resin ( Chitubox Company ):

JAMG HE Conjure Sculpt –…

STL Files –

This project is a FAN ART

The model is presented Height of 150 mm

Recommended for FDM printing, 150 % minimum scale up

The Chitubox files with support are included in the size of 150 – H

The STL file for Lychee with support, they are included in the size of 150 – H

You can print whatever size you want
Here you will find Scale Converter if you want to apply a scale
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