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Jean Grey new 3D Printable Model on

The X-Men collection continues with Jean Grey. Jean Grey , an omega-level mutant, was one of the physical bearers of the very powerful Phoenix Force, which has god-like powers and is one of the most frightening creatures that has ever lived and, in combination, one of the most powerful creatures in the universe Marvel is also the most powerful superhero with telepathic abilities.

Enjoy the 3D printing process and amazing results thanks to the detailed design and high-quality STL files.

You can find all this and much more only at

This project is a FAN ART

STL files are suitable for all types of printers!

The model is presented in 2 scales :
1: 8 (for FDM)
1:16 (for SLA / DLP)
Recommended for FDM printing, minimum 1: 8 scales, up (1: 6, 1: 4, 1: 2, 1: 1)
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