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Discover the Fascinating World of Dinosaurs with Jurassic Park – STL Files ( Jurassic World ) for 3D printing .

If you’re a dinosaur enthusiast and your dreams are filled with these fascinating creatures, then Jurassic Park project are exactly what you’re looking for !

With this 3D model, you’ll have access to a 3D project inspired by the Jurassic Park theme park, allowing you to bring this wonderful project to life in the virtual world or create immersive objects with it in the real world.

All STL files are created with exceptional attention to detail and are prepared to provide you with the best results in 3D printing.

The STL files available on www.sanix3d.com

Assembly video – https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cxu5ieUNFlk/

Or you can find me by the name ( on instagram ): @sanix3d

This project is a FAN ART

The model is presented in scale : 1: 64
Also included are CHITUBOX files with support for 1: 64 scale

The project also includes files with (repaired) support for the Lychee slicer, for 1: 64 scale

The project includes STL files with 2 heads of the dinosaur (with saliva and without)
If you print in larger scales, you can apply the head with saliva (for SLA)
This project is complicated for printing with FDM printers, because of the small details and support in hard-to-reach areas
Useful information:
The size of the original T-Rex It is approximately 20 ( m ) meters long (scale 1:1)
For scales 1:64, will have length of 31.25 cm
( In calculations this length does not include bases or other details of the project, but only the T-Rex )

If you want to change to another scale, you can use : Scale Converter

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