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PREY - STL Files

STL Files
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Бренд: sanix3d

Predator : Prey

based on the : Thomas Brothers - Predator
the film's title is the codename for the fifth installment in the franchise, which serves as an origin story for the main villains
The main heroine, play the role - Amber Midthunder

Now this project is also available for 3D Printing


Assembly video -

This project is a FAN ART
Fragile parts of this character, it is not recommended for FDM printers

or print from 1:4 scale, upwards ( for FDM )

(head with hair, hands, rope)

The model is presented STL Files in scale: 1:10 and 1:8
Recommended for FDM printing, 1: 4 minimum scale, up (,1: 4,1: 3, 1: 2, 1: 1)
Also included are CHITUBOX files with support (for 1:8 scale)

The project also includes STL files with (repaired) support for the Lychee slicer, 1:8 scale

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