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The Black Panther – has been a protector of Wakanda for generations.
And now, it is time to show the outside world who we are. Black Panther T’Challa is a Wakandan politician, the current ruler of Wakanda, and the current holder of the Black Panther mantle.
After his father was killed in a bombing attack orchestrated by Helmut Zemo, the new monarch set out to kill the Winter Soldier, whom was widely believed to be responsible for the attack. After being drawn into the Avengers Civil War and siding with Iron Man, T’Challa learned the truth about Zemo’s deception and decided to help the Winter Soldier by granting him asylum in Wakanda.

The 3D Model has been designed for 3D Printing, and is of high quality, applying details that characterize this character. STL files are adopted for any type of 3D Printers (FDM, SLA, SLS). This model is only for download on

This project is a FAN ART

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