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Sinister Six
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Spider Man ( Sinister Six ) Diorama !!!!!

The most popular superhero in the Marvel universe !!!! Loved by adults and children.

This character is a symbol of courage and justice. His enemies include Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Scorpio, Shoker, Vulture and Mystery. In Spider-Man Diorama all these characters are played so that a conection will be created that recounts the fighting history of this hero.

The highest quality STL files adapted for the resin printer will give you the perfect result . More images on STL Marketplace

This project is a FAN ART

The model is adapted for 3D Printers SLA / DLP
The base of the model can be printed with SLA / DLP / FDM printers
(The model can also be printed with FDM printers! The model is adapted for SLA / DLP, but this does not bother printing with FDM printers. To print with FDM printers, you will need to change the size of the model, now it is 1:16, for FDM it needs a minimum of 1: 8 or greater. For FDM, you will need to cut your model, because the bodies of the characters will be solid. Cut only if needed.
Original scale – 1:16 (the model can be resized to your liking)

The maximum print size can be scale 1: 2 (for this scale, the model will keep all the details)

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