1. Why do I pay VAT on PATREON?

The PATREON platform introduced VAT for everyone, regardless of the country of origin, and usually varies from 0% – 30%

If you do not want to pay VAT, then you can easily subscribe directly to the SANIX3D website, VAT Free .

Information, find here –

All projects that are designed, they appear on both platforms in parallel (PATREON or SANIX3D website)


2. Where can I download models older than 1 month?

Every month, SANIX3D offers 2 models (new models) free in the monthly subscription + Welcome Package (for subscribers only)

Models older than 1 month, you can find them on the site  (models older than one month, are not free)


3. I subscribed today (ex: March 1), when will I receive the files from February?

If the subscriber has subscribed, on 1, 2 or later (of the current month), he does not have access to the projects from the previous month

The subscriber receives the projects, for which he pays monthly. The subscriber does not receive access to the previous models, for which he did not pay


4. Can I change the models in the Welcome Package to others?

Welcome Package – The models in the Welcome package cannot be changed on other models. Welcome Package, is a bonus for subscribers !


5. Can I pay for 12 months in advance, and receive access to previous models?

The 12-month bonus is not an option, it is a loyalty bonus

Loyalty program – means the subscriber’s loyalty for this period. The subscriber cannot subscribe at once for 12 months, and receive free access to the previous models on the site.

Only subscribers, who have been loyal throughout this period of 12 months  (360 – 365 days) uninterruptedly  and more, can receive free access to all projects on

But , after subscribing, you will get FREE access to the Welcome Package (which is made up of many models), regardless of the bonuses
You can find it here :!/Welcome-Package/c/53495767

6-month and 12-month loyalty program

detailed information –

6 month subscription, you can do here –


6. I subscribed to PATREON, but I didn’t receive any code …?

PATREON subscribers do not need personal codes. PATREON subscribers receive the models directly on PATREON in personal messages.

The personal codes are dedicated only to the subscribers on the platform of the site


7. How to vote for a model?

Voting takes place once every 2 months, in order to vote on the projects that will be dedicated to the next 2 months.

In other cases, it is not taken into account

Only subscribers (from SANIX3D and PATREON) have access to voting

When voting does not take place:
– In the case of the previous voting, very few people participated.
– If, all people come up with different ideas (100 people = 100 ideas).
– Periodic change of ideas for future models, to avoid routine.
– in case, certain unforeseen factors appear (subscribers will be notified in advance)


8. Why haven’t I received the files yet?

a) Every month, 2 models are designed. Usually, the first model is valid for download, between the dates 15 – 20, and the second model, 29 – 30. Between these dates, the model is designed and tested

b) If the model has already been posted, you will subscribe later, for example:

On January 20, the model was posted, but you will subscribe later on January 23.

In this case, the new subscribers receive the files from 12 to 24 hours, in PM on PATREON


9. I want to switch from PATREON to SANIX 3D !

To switch from PATREON to SANIX3D, you need:

1. Subscribe to SANIX3D

2. Send a letter to , and indicate:
a) your e-mail that you were on PATREON
b) the name on the PATREON
(this is necessary to keep the period you have been a PATREON subscriber so far, so that you can benefit from the 12-month bonus when the deadline expires)

In case of switching from PATREON to SANIX3D, the period you have been subscribed to on PATREON is calculated, and it is added to the subscription on SANIX3D

You have been subscribed to PATREON January – April (4 months)
On SANIX3D, it will be calculated May – December (8 months)
In December, you receive access to the 12-month bonus
4 months on PATREON + 8 months on SANIX3D


10. When I want to sign in on the site, I do not receive the link by e-mail … ?

Whitelist email address in Hotmail ( Outlook )

Because this MAIL, has a filter, which does not allow this
What do you have to do :



11. Compatibility of SANIX3D models with FDM Printers

SANIX3D files are adapted for any type of printer, both FDM and SLA.

Because the SANIX3D models are designed with particular attention to detail, in the case of FDM printers there are a series of recommendations:

1. The minimum print size is recommended 1:4 (to keep the detail)

2. Good to know that with an FDM type printer more support is used than with an SLA printer, and it requires more attention and accuracy when removing the support.

3. When printing the models and the final result, the type of plastic ABS or PLA does not influence.