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loyality program

Loyalty Credits Program

( Bonuses for subscribers )

Subscription offer for a period of

6 months !!!

If you will be a loyal subscriber within 6 months, and more (without interruption), after 6 subscription cycles ( 6 months or 180 days ), the subscriber receives a

50% discount

for all models on SANIX3D, which are not or were not included in the subscription

The discount will enter into value on the last day of the 6th month (so that the subscriber has a 6-month cycle)



Subscription offer for a period of

12 months !!!

⭐ EPIC Loyalty Awards ! ⭐


Free access to all projects on the site!

!!! Yes !!!

you can download it all for FREE


The 12-months subscription must be uninterrupted.

From the moment of unsubscribing, the subscriber’s bonus is canceled, and the bonus cycle starts from the beginning in case of repeated subscription

For SANIX3D and PATREON, the conditions are the same!