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Subscriber Code

( discount code )

Discount code – is dedicated to both subscribers and discount code holders (who do not have a subscription)

The subscriber, after subscribing, receives by e-mail (on which PAYPAL is registered), a personal code. This personal code is the key to the monthly files that enter the subscription

With this code, the subscriber can download the files directly from the site

( The subscriber will receive the personal code by e-mail from 12 to 24 hours )

This code belongs to the subscriber, for the entire subscription period !!!

( It is deleted if the subscriber has decided to unsubscribe )

The code is personal to the subscriber, and cannot be passed on to others.

Otherwise, the code will be removed and the subscriber will be blocked for SANIX3D

When the model is published on the site, a timer will be applied, where the remaining time will be indicated, until the model is available for download.

(During this period, the model is tested and verified)

How to download STL files:

1. Press the “Add to Bag” button

add to bag

2. Enter the e-mail address and click on the link shown in the image below


3. Enter your personal code


4 . Complete the following steps


5 .Download the files!


6. Likewise, you will receive the files by e-mail, which you indicated above