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The subscription is made directly through PAYPAL , on the site do not enter any information with personal data.

After subscription, the subscriber receives the letter from 12 to 24 hours ( Depending on the time zone )

Direct subscription on the site advantages !

on website SANIX3D

VAT Free !!!

(no need to pay 10% – 20% extra like PATREON)

50% Discount

Subscriber receives direct access to the 6-month bonus

Subscription for 6 monts

Pay only once, for a period of 6 months – price 60 EURO

No need to make any transfers during 6 months

Offer for subscribers


Day 1 (subscription on the website)

After 12 months

  • Free access to all projects on the site
  • YES !!! – you can download it all for FREE

Additional offer information

STL Files

(1:10 scale) or (1:8 scale) or (1:6 scale)

Chitubox Files – with support

(1:10 scale) or (1:8 scale) or (1:6 scale)

Error-free for the Lychee slicer , STL Files with support

(1:10 scale) or (1:8 scale) or (1:6 scale)

License information 

You can sell the already printed model

General Licensing Conditions

Permanent access to downloaded models

Scale Converter Tool

We appreciate Loyalty !!!

Bonuses for subscribers

Licence information