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The subscription is made with PAYPAL

What is included in the subscription ?

info for subscribers sanix3d


The subscription on the site is made directly through PAYPAL, therefore on the site, do not enter any information with personal data. This is done to secure your personal data.

After subscription, the subscriber receives the letter from 12 to 24 hours ( Depending on the time zone )

Subscriber – will receive a Access letter on the e-mail with which he subscribed
( Access letter – all the necessary information is included ) 

The direct subscription on the site offers some advantages !

  • 1.  VAT Free !!! 

(no need to pay 10% – 20% extra like PATREON)

  • 2.  50% Discount – The subscriber receives direct access to the 6-month bonus 

  • 3. The subscription on SANIX3D is made for 6 months

You pay only once, for a period of 6 months – price 60 EURO

(no need to make any transfers during 6 months )

Loyalty Credits Program

Don’t forget that there is also a 12-month bonus!!!
Be a permanent subscriber of SANIX3D, for 12 uninterrupted months, and receive the 12-month bonus 

100% Discount

Can I pay for 12 months in advance, and receive access to previous models ?

The answer to your question can be found in point no. 5FAQ

Each subscriber receives the 12-month bonus – after 12 months (360-365 days), regardless of the SANIX3D or PATREON subscription platform

What is my subscriber Tier on SANIX3D ?

  • Automatically, access to the Welcome Package will open !!!

    Welcome Package


  • Each month of subscription, you receive  :

    2 NEW Designs, of the Premium Quality for 3D Printing


  • Every project contains :

    STL Files (1:10 scale) or (1:8 scale ) or (1:6 scale )

  • Chitubox Files 


  • STL Files with support , error-free for the Lychee slicer

(1:10 scale) or (1:8 scale ) or (1:6 scale ) :

   This scales is of the most common sizes for 3D Printers.

   You can print files with both large and small printers!

   But the main thing, in each project-

   Are included informative materials (made by me), which will help you convert to other sizes (scales), in mm and in percentages ( % ).

  • Also included are the settings for 3D printing, which I personally apply to my projects ( for SLA Printers )


  • Depending on the project, the files are both solid and cut, so that it is possible to print at different printer sizes.


  • There are 2 types of BIG bonuses:

    6-month and 12-month bonus.

6 months subscription (without interruption) = 50% discount on everything on the site (models older than one month, which are not included in subscription)

12 months subscription (without interruption) = 100% discount!

Yes, you can download absolutely everything for FREE from

  • Interesting bonus is the CHITUBOX files , to save your time!

    Chitubox files – already with the support assembled ( I assemble the support manually for each model )


  • Now, STL files with support (already repaired and error-free) for the Lychee slicer are included!


Monthly files are available for download until the 12 – 15 th of next month.  

Starting next month, after the 10th, access to previous files will be suspended.

Current month’s subscribers do not have access to the files dedicated to the previous month.

From the moment of unsubscribing, the subscriber’s bonus is canceled, and the bonus cycle starts from the beginning in case of repeated subscription

For SANIX3D and PATREON, the conditions are the same!

Answers to the most common questions on –

Common Questions on Patreon

  • License information !

Can I sell the already printed model ?

Yes !!!

You can sell the already printed model, and you don’t need a special license from me !

My projects are a FAN ART, which does not require a license to sell the product already printed.

You printed with your printer, you used plastic or resin (or other printing options) …

With the printed product, do what you want – Sell, give, etc !!! Its your personal responsibility .

!!!! Please Note !!!

That all models displayed here are fan art, I do not grant any license to sell prints, any sale of printed products is always the responsibility of the sellers and I am not responsible for any sale of printed models to third parties. !!!!


Many have stores on ETSY, and want to sell the printed product … Yes, you can do that, you can sell the printed product !!!

  • It is forbidden to do this with STL Files.

STL files are my intellectual property.

The final projects and STL files are made by me personally, so it is forbidden to spread them in any form.

In the license, this point is indicated

(pay attention to points 1.7 and 1.8)


After the subscriber completes the 6-month cycle ( 180 days ), the subscription begins another 6-month cycle, if it has not been stopped. Starting with the 2nd cycle, there will be another transfer of 60 EUR

In order for the subscriber to receive access to the 12-month bonus, the subscription must meet in the amount of 12 uninterrupted months ( 365 days ).

Important !!!

The subscriber subscribed for 6 months

But, the next month you unsubscribe (for example), the subscriber loses access to the bonus, automatically.

The subscriber keeps his access for the monthly models, for the whole period for which he paid, but not access to the bonus

After 12 months, the subscriber receives access to the 12-month bonus

Free access to all projects on the site!

example: the beginning of the subscription was made in April, so 12 uninterrupted months, it will be in March, next year

If the subscriber unsubscribes before the deadline (eg 4 months), he keeps his personal access code until the end of the subscription term.

The subscriber will be able to download for free, all the projects that will be included in the subscription, during this period.

If you have additional questions:



I want to switch from PATREON to SANIX3D

To switch from PATREON to SANIX3D, you need :

1. First subscribe to SANIX3D
2. Send a letter to or , and indicate:
a) your e-mail that you were on PATREON
b) the name on the PATREON
(this is necessary to keep the period you have been a PATREON subscriber so far, so that you can benefit from the 12-month bonus when the deadline expires)
In case of switching from PATREON to SANIX3D, the period you have been subscribed to on PATREON is calculated, and it is added to the subscription on SANIX3D


You have been subscribed to PATREON January – April (4 months)
On SANIX3D, it will be calculated May – December (8 months)
In December, you receive access to the 12-month bonus
4 months on PATREON + 8 months on SANIX3D