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About the solid version of the 3D Model


SANIX3D does not provide the solid version of models for all projects.

To check if the solid version of the model exists for a particular project, you can review the project description, and in some cases, it may be indicated in the model images.

SANIX3D is not obligated to implement the solid versions of models in current or future projects.


The answer to this question can be found in the following points:

  • 1 . The size of the project (in megabytes)
  • 2 . The quality of the files
  • 3 . The images


1 . The size of the project (in megabytes)


They are different in design, physical size, detail, and of course their electronic size
A model ( SANIX3D ) can vary between 20 mb, up to 2 – 3 gb.
The optimization operation is not at all simple … It is necessary to convert a 3gb model into a
100 – 200 mb
The size of 100 mb is average for a STL file for 3D Printing, here it depends on the PC you have it, and the SLICER that you use it
So some models are split into a few parts during design, and then optimized.
In SANIX3D models, quality is not lost after optimization, so some projects, at the end of the design, do not have a solid version
In the images below, you see 2 pictures, where the difference is shown

STL files for 3D Printing Store 3D Models   STL files for 3D Printing Store 3D Models


2 . The quality of the files


When designing a project with the purpose of high-detail and preserving it for printing, the print area of the files is taken into consideration.

If the details are designed for a model that needs to be printed at a minimum scale of 1:16 but SANIX3D recommends a scale of 1:10, in this case, it cannot be printed, for example, at a scale of 1:32 because it will lose approximately 50% of the model’s details. SANIX3D’s goal is not to provide projects where not all the details can be printed.

SANIX3D does not offer miniatures in its current projects (with certain exceptions in the projects already available on  )




3 . The images

Many people who desire the solid version of the models are those who want to create their own renders of the model, but this is not allowed.

In points 1.7 and 1.8 of the license, this is indicated:


link : General Licensing Conditions


1.7 The buyer can sell, give or transmit to another person only the PRINTED MODEL(SANIX3D projects, it is FAN ART) – in the past MALIX3DESIGN . With the printed product, do what you want –  Its your personal responsibility  . STL files – It is strictly forbidden to sell or transmit them to another person, or any other way to spread them


1.8 The images made by SANIX3D ( in the past MALIX3DESIGN ), in the content of which represents the virtual model, cannot be posted on other resources, without the consent of SANIX3D or cannot be posted without the SANIX3D logo ( in the past MALIX3DESIGN )If you want to sell the already printed models, according to point 1.7, take photos with the printed model. If you do not have personal images with the printed model, you can apply images from SANIX3D, where the SANIX3D logo can be seen ( in the past MALIX3DESIGN )